Potential Pitfalls of Emerging Technologies

Posted Mon, June 27, 2016

Newer technologies offer us faster, efficient and cost effective ways of making our everyday lives easier. But before you consider changing to a PRI, SIP trunk, VoIP phone system or a hosted phone system, consider the difference between a good experience and a pitfall. While newer technologies offer big advantages, and savings, you have to contemplate what else this change affects. When making the switch to newer technology, many will overlook reconfiguring their recorder. By not reconfiguring your recorder to accept the newer technology, can have negative repercussions, and ignoring the switch can end up costing you.

...and don't forget Windows 10!  Moving from the old Windows environment to Windows 10 can have a dramatic effect on your users’ client applications. Windows based systems require particular scrutiny when moving to Windows 10.  

Plan ahead.

If you have trouble switching to your new technology, please feel free to contact Vista Com through email: support@vistacomtx.com. You can also open a ticket by clicking here



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