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Posted Wed, May 18, 2016

We recommend you archive your recorded information regardless of how long you store or retain your information. Our solutions always allow for you to copy your information to a secure place. Having a copy of your data in compliance situations is strongly  recommended. With archiving you can do so in a number of ways such as DVD media, USB drive, existing network attached storage, or a dedicated network attached storage. Here are some of the reasons you may want to copy your records in another location.

1. Security - let’s face it things can happen. Weather, power surges, malfunctions, human error, on and on. Should something happen to your IT environment you will know that you have your recording data and history up to the point the problem occurred. At certain times of the year we have numerous calls from customers who have had lightning strikes and in some cases knocks out all of their equipment. If you are archiving, you will have data up until that moment. Anything stored on the archive drive is in proprietary format (not wav or MP3).

2. Convenience - we recommend using a dedicated network attached storage. Dedicated in a sense that it is used only for the recording equipment. Using a DVD will require constant monitoring of the space remaining and frequent swap. A dedicated Network Attached Storage (NAS) with ample storage space will assure you that the archive has space and it is not as susceptible to power issues like a DVD or USB drive may have.

3. Long term storage - a network attached storage device will enable you to store records beyond the size of the onboard recorder drives.

We have had a great deal of success with an affordable NAS solution from Synolgy. It is a small form factor, priced well, and utilizes a maintenance free operating system. Let us provide you an affordable archive solution. Click the NAS to buy.


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