Capture of SMS to 911 with Eventide via Zetron MAX-CT

Posted Thu, February 2, 2017

Eventide NexLog recorders can be configured to record SMS (Text) to 911 interactions that are handled “in-application” by tele-communicators using a Zetron Max Call-Taking console.

About the Eventide integration:

  • SMS messages that are sent via Text Control Centers (TCC’s), while using Pre-911 text transmission protocls, to a 911 PSAP that is equipped with Max-CT can be recorded on the NexLog recorder, via an Eventide metadata integration and a dedicated pool of dynamically-allocated IP channels.
  • Playback, instant recall and mapping of these recorded interactions are supported via the Eventide MediaWorks PLUS software.

Metadata capture:

  • Metadata is provided to the NexLog recorder from the Zetron LRDI protocol
  • Position ID of the MAX-CT workstation where the SMS session occurred
  • SMS direction with respect to the PSAP (inbound or outbound)
  • Location data and updates as provided by the LRDI protocol
  • Send/Receive time, with respect to the PSAP (i.e. network latency not included)

NexLog licensing requirements:

  • The following metadata integration is required, 911 NENA ANI/ALI Integration (P/N 209029)
  • NexLog IP channel licenses (P/N 271052 and 271035) are required as follows:
    • 1 IP channel for each MAX-CT position (captures normal voice calls at the position)
    • 1 IP channel for each simultaneous text-to-911 session, MAX-CT base licensing allows 3 simultaneous text sessions, per console position, which can be expanded based on site requirements.
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