Eventide's MotoTRBO Integration

Posted: Sun, March 20,2016

In today's world, we need to look no further for efficiency than to Motorola’s MotoTRBO™. Combined with Eventide NexLog communication, this MotoTRBO™ recording devise provides reliable IP-based call recording, and a completely controller-less system. The recordings are instantly available for reply, incident reconstruction and export. How convenient!   

From the warehouse to the oil fields, MotoTRBO™ radios are connecting more individuals smoothly and resourcefully. MotoTRBO™ recording is instantaneous, which makes decision-making becomes easier. Service, skills and safety gets stronger, productivity increases across the board, which satisfies customers. MotoTRBO™ is both ultra-thin and extra-tough, and integrated with Bluetooth or industry-leading data applications.

Contact sales@vistacomtx.com if you wish to learn more about MotoTRBO™ professional two-way radios.

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