Eventide’s New Enhanced Reporting

Posted: Fri, April 1,2016

Did you know that your recorder is storing and compiling tons of potential information and data points for your PSAP (Public-Safety Access Point)?  With Eventide’s latest OS release 2.6, you can now unlock the potential to create reports with customized views of your operations and even have them emailed to you and others on a periodic basis.

Within the recorder data is stored; such as caller ID numbers, time/date, login audits, call count by line, call count by agent, evaluation scores, incident creation, call count by hour, day, call by location, and on and on. Users can now assemble these data points into graphical report output. Operators can use existing templates or create their own templates, complete with your own logo. These reports can be downloaded to PDF, output as CSV, and set up to email your inbox as you desire.

Enhanced reporting is turned on by license key for $995 list. We will train you and set up your first initial report for an additional fee.

Contact marketing@vistacomtx.com  if you wish for an in-depth demonstration.

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