Many agencies are required to record interacations with their customers and users for litigation and compliance.  Federal, Utilities, and public safety agencies need a structured way to recreate activities so that it can be easily submitted to investigators for legal purposes.  Having a central repository of your phone, radio, and dispatch operations is essential to save time and optimize your operations.  Also, a quality improvement program is essential as litigation can reveal weaknesses in your operation.

We have compliance solutions that cover several key areas within your operations:

  •     Call recording, playback, call tagging, and monitoring 
  •     Agent screen recording and observation
  •     Automated agent quality and grading
  •     Speech analytics
  •     Data storage and catagorization
  •     Incident creation, cataloging, and sharing

Our solutions are developed by industry leaders and backed by local support and factory engineering for years of reliability. Let us design a solution for your operation and experience the support to help you optimize your operation.

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