For more than 10 years, FTR has been the standard for digital court recording. Our FTR Gold product suite has recently been enhanced to provide an end-to-end solution for both courtroom recording and electronic court reporting. This encompasses 4-channel digital audio and video recording, remote monitoring, playback, electronic annotation, search, navigation, archival, content management and transcript order and fulfillment. More information on the products that enable each of these functions can be obtained on the Products page.

FTR draws on its expansive global customer base, with over 22,500 installations worldwide, to continuously refine its product suite and develop innovative solutions. We are always seeking ways to simplify the deployment, operation and user interface of our offerings to benefit our clients. As a result, FTR solutions deliver on the technology promise and can be utilized with confidence in the most demanding of enterprise deployments, regardless of size and scale.

Similar to Courtrooms, several government agencies and commissions also have a need to capture and preserve their record of proceedings. FTR has expanded its reach and designed solutions to meet the specific needs and requirements of the users in this segment. The FTR Hearings solution delivers high-quality 2-channel digital audio recording capabilities, along with the benefits of linked note-taking, rapid search and retrieval and convenient playback options.

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