Eventide Release's New Standalone Player Software

Posted Tue, September 20, 2016

With Eventide's latest version 2.7 just released, customers now have the ability to playback incidents without being connected to the recorder. Why this is special?

1. A remote user that has access to the proprietary incident from the Eventide database can now see the supervisor's rendition of the incident including redactions, annotations, notes, tags, flags, etc.

2. Even though these remote incidents are in a proprietary format and can only be viewed by Eventide software, they can also be password protected.

3. Remote users will only have "read" privileges and will be unable to change the incident.

Here's how this can work....

A dispatch supervisor is asked to provide all of the recordings involving an incident to a criminal investigator that is outside of his or her organization.  The dispatch supervisor creates an incident and saves it. The supervisor wants the investigator to have access to the incident but does not wish to make them a user on their recorder or network.

The supervisor can save the incident as a local file on his or her PC and email the incident in its entirety to the remote criminal investigator or better yet, save it to a network drive or cloud location. The remote criminal investigator has Eventide's MediaWorks Plus Client on his or her PC and selects to open an incident and choose local incident.  The remote investigator now sees the entire incident and can play it back, save wav files, and export as desired, all without being connected to the recorder.


-the file is Eventide format/encrypted

-the file is password protected

-reduces the dispatch supervisors workload in preparing for external requests



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