ForTheRecord Founded in 1993, ForTheRecord (FTR) is a global leader dedicated to providing digital recording, review and content management solutions for justice, law enforcement and public meeting venues. As the dominant supplier in the industry, FTR is a widely recognized brand for court, law enforcement and government agencies with a reputable product suite that gives you the flexibility to perform any task required — from digital capture of proceedings to transcription order management. Located in Phoenix, Arizona, FTR is part of the global Melbourne IT Group.

Built around FTR’s patented ThinkLink™ technology, we provide simple, reliable and innovative solutions which enable you to capture, index, access, and manage digital audio and video recordings across the enterprise. FTR solutions are sold through a global network of over 200 authorized resellers and systems integrators, and can be found in more than 22,000 venues in 46 countries, including prestigious centers such as The International Criminal Court, The Hague, US Social Security Administration, Australian Parliament, Old Bailey, UK and The Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

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