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IQ3 Enterprise Inspection Software caters to a diverse array of industries, revolutionizing their inspection processes.

In Government and Regulatory Bodies, our software streamlines compliance audits and inspection procedures, ensuring adherence to stringent regulations.

For the Oil & Gas Industry, IQ3 simplifies the inspection of onshore and offshore oilfield equipment, construction sites, and supply vessels. By capturing audio and video data in real-time, it enhances accuracy, limiting liability, and ensuring adherence to industry standards.

In the realm of Public Safety and Law Enforcement, IQ3 serves as a crucial tool for detailed witness interviews and scene investigations. Its ability to capture audio and video data ensures precise documentation, minimizing errors and misinformation.

Furthermore, in Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals, IQ3 assists healthcare facilities in maintaining quality standards. It simplifies inspections, ensuring compliance with protocols and regulations governing patient safety.

Lastly, in Transportation and Aviation, our software aids in inspecting vehicles, vessels, and aircraft. It facilitates efficient inspections, reducing downtime and ensuring passenger safety. By providing accurate documentation, it supports compliance efforts, ensuring the integrity of transportation operations.

Government and Regulatory Bodies

Regulatory agencies rely on IQ3 for conducting thorough inspections and compliance audits. IQ3 simplifies the process, allowing inspectors to document findings accurately. This is crucial in sectors such as healthcare, where compliance with regulations directly impacts patient safety and public health.

Public Safety and Law Enforcement

Law enforcement agencies use IQ3 for detailed witness interviews and scene investigations. By capturing audio and video in real-time, IQ3 minimizes errors in note-taking and ensures accurate documentation of events. This is crucial in criminal investigations and legal proceedings, where precise information is paramount.

Oil & Gas Industry

In the oil and gas sector, IQ3 streamlines the inspection of onshore and offshore facilities, oilfield equipment, and construction sites. It ensures that equipment meets safety standards and regulatory requirements. Comprehensive multimedia documentation is essential for tracking compliance and ensuring the integrity of critical infrastructure.

Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals

IQ3 assists healthcare facilities in conducting rigorous inspections to maintain quality standards and regulatory compliance. From pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities to healthcare institutions, IQ3 helps document compliance with protocols, ensuring patient safety and adherence to industry regulations.

Transportation and Aviation

In transportation, IQ3 is used for inspecting vehicles, vessels, and aircraft. From pre-flight inspections in aviation to ensuring the safety of public transport vehicles, IQ3 aids in efficient inspections, minimizing downtime and ensuring passenger safety. Accurate documentation is crucial for regulatory compliance and incident analysis.

Key Features

Multimedia Capabilities

IQ3's multimedia documentation includes checklists, images, videos, and supplementary documents. It facilitates detailed inspections and ensures all findings are comprehensively documented for regulatory purposes.

Collaboration Tools

IQ3 offers collaboration tools for real-time sharing of findings among team members. This facilitates efficient communication, enabling swift decision-making and action, especially in time-sensitive situations.

Secure Data Management

Completed reports are securely stored, ensuring Chain of Custody protocols are followed. Authorized personnel can access and review reports, and data can be seamlessly integrated with ERP systems for billing, compliance tracking, and other administrative functions.

Efficiency and Accuracy

IQ3 significantly reduces the time spent on paperwork and manual documentation. By automating processes and minimizing errors, it increases efficiency in inspections and ensures accurate, detailed records of findings.


IQ3 can be tailored to specific industries and inspection requirements. Customized inspection markers, bookmarks, and reports allow organizations to adapt the system to their unique needs, ensuring a precise fit for various sectors.

Augmented Reality (AR) Measurement

IQ3’s voice and video recording system now includes an AR (Augmented Reality) Measurement tool, which allows users to measure distances and dimensions in real-time while recording live events. This feature is especially useful for industries such as construction, engineering, and manufacturing, where precise measurements are critical. The AR Measurement tool uses the camera on the recording device* to create a live video feed that is then augmented with measurement overlays. This allows users to see the measurements in real-time and make adjustments as needed. The measurements can be saved and shared with others, making it a valuable tool for collaboration and communication.

*Device must include a LiDAR or Time-of-Flight Sensor to take advantage of the AR measurement tool

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