Supervisors tasks of improving quality of agents interacting with callers can be solved through technology. Our solutions can automate the task of grading interactions by tagging calls based upon criteria and KPIs of the agency. We can enable video capture and allow the supervisor to follow along as they input answers to key questions. Agents can be notified automatically as they are graded and provide input and even launch eLearning activities to improve their skills. We can also provide auto-grading features whereby our solutions will automatically grade the agent and submit input to the supervisor of KPI achievement. With our speech analytics solutions our customers can further implement spoken word analysis that will provide key insights into activities between agent and customer.  Our application event triggers can provide input to other software applicaitons and call recording behavior based upon agent inputs.

In today’s contact center environment it is important to understand the interactions of your team with that of your customers. By gaining insight into your customer engagement you can implement improvements and interact much more proactively. Improving your operation and efficiencies also improves your predictability.

We have contact center solutions that cover several key areas within your operations:

  •     Call recording, playback, archiving and retrieval
  •     Agent screen recording
  •     Automated agent quality and grading
  •     Speech analytics
  •     Work force management and scheduling

Our solutions are developed by industry leaders and backed by local support and factory engineering for years of reliability. Let us design a solution for your operation and experience the support to help you optimize your operation.