Meeting and Presentation

The Liberty Meeting Recorder

The Liberty Meeting Recorder is designed to record and optionally stream the audio and video of meetings such as city and town councils, assemblies or any meeting where the minutes are saved in Microsoft Word.

The Meeting Recorder integrates with Word and allows the user to create “bookmarks” as cue points into the recording files. The resulting material may be transcribed and / or saved for posting into a web site.

Instead of using analog tapes, the Liberty Meeting Recorder saves proceedings to the PC. The recording file may also be automatically saved to a central file server in the network. After a recording is complete, the file may be moved to a CD, a DVD, or any other PC-compatible storage media. Recording files can be copied and moved throughout a network just like any other type of file.

The Liberty Presentation Recorder

The Liberty Presentation Recorder captures and optionally streams the audio and video from your venue, as well as a continuous capture of the presenting computer’s desktop. The Recorder is ideal for use in a broad spectrum of educational, training and business settings.

By including a dynamic capture of the presenting computer’s desktop, the Liberty Presentation Recorder provides a richer online viewing experience that better engages your clients. The Liberty Presentation Recorder extends past the typical, static slide-by-slide type solution usually associated with online training and presentation solutions. Instead, the recorder makes a complete capture of all of the presentation computer’s desktop activity and plays this alongside the audio and video from the venue.

All of the dynamic aspects of your presentation applications, including even video replay, are captured for later playback. Combining desktop capture with the audio and video from the presentation venue, allows you multiple focal points, and a more compelling experience for your clients.

Our Partners

Vista Com’s partnerships of industry leading quality and compliance recording solutions enable us to offer the best in industry technology designed to improve your operation. We provide voice logging equipment along with powerful software that enables the greatest gains in productivity. Imagine being able to record your agents and dispatchers interaction with customers and with a click of a mouse launch a grading template that improves performance. You grade your agent while viewing their actual display screen video ensuring their motions match the demand of the customer.

Automate the complex job of scheduling your contact center through work force management. Search keywords spoken by your customers and agents and reveal trends. Multiple forms of media such as digital, analog, VoIP, T1 or P-25 radios? No problem, we can integrate those forms of telephony and seamlessly present them to you.

Our partners are industry leaders and we have a vast array of software and hardware to help you optimize. We provide contact center recording hardware and software that can tailor to just about any environment. We have platforms that seamlessly monitor your environment based upon both Windows and Linux.

As an authorized dealer together with our partners we can provide expert solutions backed by engineering expertise that is the best in the industry.