Site Installation Guide

Welcome to our site installation guide. Now that you have selected our product and services we wish to make installation as painless as possible. Preparation is key. By spending extra time preparing your solution we can be less disruptive when we arrive on site. We will guide you through the information we need. Once submitted, we will use your input as a guide in our labs to prepare your equipment. Once onsight we will be much futher ahead.

We ask that you use two documents to help obtain this info.

Please download the Excel file:

 photo excel_ms_zps0ej3imkh.jpg Vista Com Site Install – Input

This file will help list all of your initial channel names and users.

Next, please fill out this online form

 photo formstack_zps3ewljjoc.png

(Your password has been sent in a seperate communication)

Please let us know if you have any questions at or call your account manager or dial 1-800-708-6423, option 6.