Enhanced Reports Training

Enhanced Reporting Training Courses

The following videos provide an overview of Eventide’s Quality Factor.  Detailed training is available to provide a more in-depth understanding.

Eventide Enhanced Reports

The Eventide solution offers optional enhanced reporting software activated through add-on licensing. This software automates metadata reporting tasks, allowing construction and sharing of customizable reports. These interactive reports can be adjusted in terms of displayed data, accessed through the configuration manager’s “enhanced reports” section using report blocks for template creation.

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Enhanced Reporting Blocks

Report blocks are predefined queries in Media Works’ enhanced reports. Clicking on report blocks reveals various preset queries for on-demand data retrieval. These blocks are part of your report template’s design and possess editable global configurations, accessed through the “Edit Report Block” button. It’s advised not to alter these global settings, instead modifying them after placing the block in a unique report. Previewing default block settings is possible through menu buttons at the page’s bottom.

Enhanced Report Templates

Discover report templates in the enhanced reports feature of MediaWorks Plus. These templates include default reports and allow the creation of custom ones by adding report blocks. Tailor pagination, permissions, and advanced settings for each template. Run these reports instantly or schedule regular intervals.

Geographic Areas

Eventide’s reporting package enables the formation and modification of custom geographic shapes, such as around towns or neighborhoods within Recorder’s service region. These shapes function as filters in reports, showcasing call origins visually. Location-tagged call records are included, and these geographic areas can be displayed as map overlays in map-based report sections.

Completed Reports

Access completed reports through the respective menu showing details like runtime, title, executor, status; utilize icons for actions including viewing, data interaction, PDF download, and Excel download to facilitate report management and analysis within mediaworks.

MediaWorks Icons and Scheduling

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Further detail information can be obtained by downloading the user and administration manuals directly from the landing page of Eventide’s MediaWorks.