Quality Factor Training

Evaluator Quality Training Courses

The following videos provide an overview of Eventide’s Quality Factor.  Detailed training is available to provide a more in-depth understanding.

Quality Factor Layout

Discover Eventide’s quality factor software—an optional tool within their solution that enhances agent-caller interactions, maintains KPIs, and mitigates litigation risks through its configurable setup accessible in the application’s configuration manager. This software necessitates the creation of skill groups, answer sets, questions, and forms for an effective quality improvement program.

Skill Groups

This video outlines the process of creating skill groups for organizing question banks in evaluation form development. Skill groups categorize key performance indicators, aiding in efficient form creation. Access the skill group section under quality factors software, where pre-existing groups may be available; to add a new one, click “add skill group,” complete the details, and select “add.” The new skill group will be integrated into the recorder.

Answer Sets

This video illustrates how to create answer sets for evaluation forms, enabling the calculation of question weight. Answer sets are crucial for agent reviews, determining percentages based on chosen answers. Access the answer sets menu, add versions of answer sets, and define scoring. Different answer set types, like multiple choice or scaled ranges, automate percentage calculations. Publishing the answer set enables question building, and sets can be edited anytime to modify choices or type.


Learn how to formulate questions for grading forms by aligning them with your agency’s evaluation criteria. To craft a question, access the “Questions” tab in the quality factor software, select “Add Question,” input your question’s text, choose an answer set from the Answer Set Bank, and assign a skill category. Conclude by hitting “Submit.”

Creating Optional Questions

Learn about Eventide’s new operating system version 2.8.3 which introduces conditional responses in quality grading forms. This update lets you add questions that appear based on specific answers, enhancing grading flexibility. To utilize this, add a desired question, set conditions, and trigger questions based on answers. These optional responses affect overall form scores. For more help, reach out to support or customer service.


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Learn how to incorporate agents into Quality Factor software for evaluation. Generate an agent ID or use an existing one, along with a recognizable name for graders. Optionally, link their account to the recorder for login access and evaluation interaction in Media Work software.

Agent Groups

This video explains how to create and manage groups in Quality Factor software. Groups are essential for categorizing agents like call takers, fire dispatchers, and shifts. To create a group, assign a name, choose agents, and select a leader. The system also enables automated call grading based on complexity through schedules. Remember, scheduling details are covered in advanced courses. Once done, save to finalize the group setup.

Completed Evaluations

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Documents and Manuals​

Call recording integrations can take on literally thousands of configurations. Please feel free to contact us through email or phone. If it’s training you need and you are covered under our maintenance program to assist you at your convenience.

Overview of How Scoring is Accomplished

The document explains the concept of Quality Factor (QF) in the telecommunications industry, how it is calculated, and how it affects network performance and reliability.

Manual for Eventide NexLog

This manual teaches you how to use Eventide NexLog recording systems. You can find it by clicking on the link to the PDF file. It gives you directions and information to help you use the system correctly.

Manual for MediaWorks Plus and Desktop

This is a comprehensive manual for Eventide MediaWorks Plus. It has detailed instructions, step-by-step guides, and screenshots to help you master the software.

Manual for Eventide Quality Factor Software

The document is a software manual for the Eventide Quality Factor, a tool used by audio professionals for measuring and analyzing various aspects of audio signals.